Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale

Kiddie swing ride amusement equipment is a traditional project for fun. It is famous for the beautiful appearance and the form full of thrilling feeling. These kinds of swing ride is very suitable for kids. The speed can be adjusted. And these types of kiddie swing ride for sale has equipped with colorful light, so it seems to be more attractive at night. Sitting on the chain chair, kids can experience the flying feeling and obtain more happiness.

Kiddie swing ride for sale
BNKG-12B Kiddie Swing Ride


Model: BNKG-12B
Turntable Diameter: 5M
Rotary Diameter: 7M
Height: 3.5M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 2.2KW
Capacity: 12persons

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Novel Kiddie Swing Ride for Sale with High Quality

In global market, kiddie swing ride for sale has captured a large market at present. Considering this trend, our designers pay more attention to these two aspects.

  • Carton appearance: At first, it is similar with the mini swing ride, owing the small size and carton design. At the bottom of the equipment, there is a rotating tray. On the tray, there is the supporting column in order to support the swing ride. Also we have designed the carton pattern on the supporting column. On the top of the central column, it is connected to the chain, which is associated to the suspended chair.
  • High degree security design: Firstly, we have taken the children security into account. Our professional designers worked out the kids swing ride on accordance with the kids standards, which can ensure that children can not been thrown out from the chair during the operating process. Secondly, Of course, the chain is short, so the operating height reaching the floor is low. Thirdly, the bottom section of the chain is equipped with the soft leather tube in order to protect them being scratched.
Kids swing ride
BNKG-8B Kiddie Swing Ride
Kiddie swing carnival ride
BNKG-Kiddie Swing Ride

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Kiddie Swing Carnival Ride with Cheap Price

Kiddie swing ride manufactured by Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd with high quality and diversified shapes. It belongs to a kind of interesting rotating ride. During the rotating process, people who are sitting on the chair can experience the sense of flying. Also, the chair can swing up and down at certain magnitude, which can bring the riders the short sense of weightlessness. Sometimes, the kids swing ride can be shown on the carnival because of the great popularity and charming development trend. Offering kiddie swing carnival ride with cheap price to our customers is our principle. If you are interested in the high profit project, please contact you or leave your detailed message. We will reply you quickly.

kiddie swing carnival ride products
BNKG-Kiddie Swing Carnival Ride
Happy swing ride
BNKG-16A Kiddie Swing Carnival Ride

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Significance of Choosing Kiddie Swing Ride

Under the condition of high standard living level, people are pursuing the higher requirement besides of the living standard , especially for the development of physical fitness, intelligence and courage.

  • Firstly, the occurence of kiddie swing ride can provide a platform for children who can exercise themselves. The feeling of being thrown out can explore their courage.
  • Secondly, the operating principle is accordance with the outward pulling force which is made by rotating. During the going up toward the sky, there is a three-force balance relationship (tension, force, gravity); Then parents can pass on the knowledge to the children and their intelligence can be developed.
High quality kiddie swing ride
BNKG-Kiddie Swing Ride
Kids swing ride with cheap price
BNKG-Kiddie Swing Ride

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