Big Swing Ride for Sale

Nowadays, more and more people like pursuing the thrilling sense, especially for young people. As far as our company concerned, this kind of big swing ride for sale is mainly aiming at the adults who want to experience the thrilling feeling. The throwing feeling can bring them weightlessness, leaving them deep impression. We believe that a big swing ride can also bring the investors the high profit, so do not miss the chance to obtain more profit. Contact Beston and win return quickly.

Big swing ride for sale
BNBG-32E Big Swing Ride


Model: BNBG-32E
Turntable Diameter: 10M
Rotary Diameter: 15M
Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 15KW
Capacity: 32 persons

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Big Swing Ride for Sale

In common, big swing ride for sale belongs to one kind of the hurricane flying chair, and some people call it luxury wave. It is a type of novel and stylish amusement ride, belonging to the swing tower rides. The standing column is used for the revolving movement.The top large turntable rises, tilts, and swings in the opposite direction, which make the passengers hanging in the chain undulate and spin under the action of centrifugal force. Correspondingly, in order to match this design, we can offer our customers 12,16,24,32,36 and 48 seat with different decorative shapes, including common chair, animal design and ocean animal design, etc. Also, the double security equipment has been installed in order to make riders safe during the operating process.

The big swing ride is a popular amusement ride. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive amusement machines in scenery spot. It is mainly used in  playgrounds, new high-end residential areas, urban parks, and large supermarket.

Big swing fair ride
BNBG-32A Big Swing Ride
Huge swing ride
BNBG-32B Big Swing Ride

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Popular Big Swing Carnivalride

Since it is so popular, it has also been the beautiful landscape in carnival. There are always many visitors on the carnival festival, introducing a series of big swing ride for sale can be a high profitable project. In Beston, we have designed a variety of shapes with different capacity. Relying on the constant effort of Beston, we have achieved huge performance around the world. The products being sell to other countries from Beston have been popular because of the superior quality and cheap price. So far, we have exported our giant swing ride products to more than 50 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Korean, Indonesia, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, etc.

Big swing carnivalride
BNBG-36B Big Swing Carnivalride
Big swing ride products
BNBG-48A Big Swing Carnivalride

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Big Swing Fair Ride from Beston

In current society, it is full of various kinds of amusement rides. I t has been regarded as a kind of necessity for fun. Therefore, in order to enrich the colorful life of people, more investors are exploring the novel and new swing ride for sale at the fair. Gradually, big swing fair ride has been the hot product. As for Beston, there are stylish and innovative idea for the swing ride design, including different themes. It can not only meet the standard of kids but also for adults. Of course, it is necessary for parents to accompany their children. Meanwhile, this kind of rides can also been called happy swing ride for family gathering, which can not only enjoy themselves, but also can promote the communication between parents and kids. Consequently, big swing ride for sale has been a hot trend. Investing in the project can be a good opportunity for customers to win the high profit.

Big swing fair ride has been welcomed.
BNBG-36H Big Swing Fair Ride
Big swing fair ride series
BNBG-32B Big Swing Fair Ride

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Reliable Big Swing Ride Manufacturer – Beston

In order to make stable popularity of big swing ride for sale, our three service team can contribute our success.

  1. Practical consulting service team: Before making an order, what most customers concerns is the big swing ride price and specification. What I want to tell our client is we have practical consulting service team, they can serve you anytime.
  2. Experienced delivering service team: After making an order, customers may worry about the product security during the delivering process. In Beston, there is an perfect logistic tracking system, so we can master the current situation at any moment.
  3. Professional after-sales team: After finishing delivery, if you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide a series of solutions for you.


  • Group suitable for sitting: These people can not participate with heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women, dizziness, acrophobia, and spondylitis.
  • Children under 1.2 meters need to be accompanied by parents.
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