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Are you interested in buying a swing ride for sale in your amusement park? Do you want to know the price of our products? Here Beston is a professional carnival swing rides manufacturer in China and manufactures all kinds of high quality swing rides for sale cheap to around the world. Welcome to contact us for free quotation now!

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Chair Swing Ride for sale

Swing rides are also called flying chair ride, swing carousel rides, spinning chair rides, chair o plane ride, wave swinger, yo-yo ride and swing chair rides. It is an amusement item for people who loves to amusement parks. Sometimes we also called it the hurricane flying chair rides. Swing chair rides are popular in the amusement parks. It is a kind of traditional amusement rides for theme parks, amusement parks which is similar with the carousel rides. Because it is an interesting equipment for fun, it has attracted most people’s eyes.

When the swing rides operating, passengers on the suspended chairs will enjoy the thrill feelings and achieve the happiness. Hurricane chair rides is the combination between spinning and lifting. It is one of the most attractive rides for theme parks.

As we can see from the pictures of these rides, chair swing rides is a huge umbrella (or we can say a swing umbrella), which suspended many sets of beautiful and safe chairs. When the huge umbrella rotates, these suspended chairs will flying in the sky one by one. At this time, it looks like a carousel ride that people on the chair will seeking each other, but they will never achieved. It is so interesting.

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Chair Swing Ride Products for Sale

As one of the most popular entertainment equipment, the chair swing ride for sale has been famous for its shapes and types. Here, Beston have manufactured a series of chair swing ride products for sale with different seats capacity and shapes.

  • Firstly, as for the seat capacity, we can at least offer customers 8 seats and there is also the grand swing chair ride for 32 people to sit.
  • Secondly, considering the shapes, we can provide our customers with the custom chair swing ride. All of kinds of types and shapes can be produced at random. Among the stylish shapes, the most welcomed product is the watermelon chair swing rides. According to the literal meaning, we can know that it looks like a watermelon, which has been divided into two parts. This kind of product is very suitable for the kids, so the watermelon chair swing rides sales well in kiddie market.

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Chair Swing Carnival Ride

As we all know that the carnival refers to an interesting festival for people. In the day, all of people are excited, so they may want to purse the thrill amusement rides in order to release their own pressure. At this moment, the flying chair ride is their helper. Therefore, chair swing carnival ride has been regarded as the most welcomed equipment by people. As an experienced amusement wholesaler, we can express our sincere attitude to all of customers by offering the standard product with the superior quality. Beston enterprise pays attention to the safety of people, so it will be not dangerous amusement ride for people.

Chair Swing Ride Physics

The chair swing ride is a kind of activities belonging to the most popular machinery game. As is known to all, the chair swing ride for sale is composed of three sections, including the central column for supporting, turntable and the suspended chairs. Of course, when click the button, the turntable can up and down automatically, which can increase the thrill sense. Meanwhile, the turntable can also tilt. During the process, the chair will also go up and down and fly according to the operating principle. And when the tilt angle becomes the biggest, people will get the most thrilling sense, even they will scream and grip the chain tightly. Although the crazy activity is thrilling, many customers pay more attention to the safety of the chair swing ride. Beston has rich experience for many years in manufacturing the amusement rides series. We can provide our customers with the best quality products in order to ensure the security of visitors.

Chair swing ride for sale
Chair Swing Ride Physics

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Chair Swing Ride Specifications

Capacity Diameters Height Power Voltage Rotary Diameter
12 Seats 5m 3.5m 2.2kw 380v 7m
16 Seats 5m 7m 4kw 380v 8m
24 Seats 7m 8m 7kw 380v 11m
32 Seats 10m 8m 15kw 380v 15m

In the amusement rides factory, there are many kinds of swing rides. Big grand swing rides with 24 or 36 chairs. Small chairs with 8-16 chairs. Among these chair rides, because of the lifelike watermelon seats and novel design, watermelon flying chair rides ranked 1st between little kids.

Along with carousels, bumper cars, swing chair rides is another classic and popular amusement park rides which also called flying swings. It premiered in Germany in 1972 which was designed by a professional designer, but this was just the predecessor of swing chairs, the first flying chair which applied on the amusement rides industry was designed by the manufacturer of amusement rides in Australia. After that, more and more swing chair rides come into being the amusement rides manufacturer.

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Chair Swing Ride for Sale in China

In fact, the numerous amusement park and theme park investors believe that it is a high profit project. After all. The chair swing ride for sale is not only suitable for the child but also for adults. During the flying process, both kids and adults can have fun. And it is a safe activity for public. If the investors are still confused, you may miss the choice of attracting the tourists. It is a good opportunity for choosing Beston so as to catch all of tourists’ eyes. Firstly, we have our own factory, so the custom chair swing ride is very popular. According to the requirements from customers, we can try our best to satisfy our customers. After all, the chair swing ride stock is abundant and colorful.

By Application

Nowadays, it is very common to see the chair swing ride everywhere. For example, when you enter a small park, you will listen to the sweet song, and you may see the swing carousel rides next. As one kind of the most popular entertainment equipment, the chair swing ride for sale has been applied to different areas. Generally speaking, children are interested in the novel mechanical products, so it can be often placed in the amusement park, theme park and the small park. Also, it is also applied to the front door of the supermarket, mall and store. What’s more, it is also a good place to place the wave swinger in the zoo. Because, there are always many people to see the animals. When they are tired, I believe that a beautiful chair swing ride for sale can attract them most.

Chair swing ride for sale
Chair Swing Ride Application

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Beston Strength

As the society develops fast, it has been a net working place. There are all kinds of flying chair amusement ride manufacturer online, so our dear customers are very confused with the situation. After all, as an old saying goes that “shop around”. There are some reasons for the advantages of choosing Beston.

Software of Honors

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing the amusement rides products including pirate shape rides, ferries wheels, surf’s up rides, and  new bumper cars, etc, located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. During the efforts for these years, we have been authorized a series of certificate, including ISO 9001, BV, SONCAP and CE, etc. We sale our high quality products both in domestic and overseas, and it has obtained the popularity all over the world. So these certification can be rated as the justification for proving our strength and outstanding ability to satisfy our customers well.

Chair swing ride is popular.
Corporate Software

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Hardware of Technology Equipment

  1. Comprehensive and convenient service team: So far, all of products have been exported to such 20 countries as Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, India, Korean, Indonesia, Brazil, Jordan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, etc.
  2. Twenty-four hours responsible: Considering the time difference, we have arranged the customer service for 24 hours online for our clients.
  3. Advanced production base: Zhengzhou Beston company owns the advanced science and technology and the improved production workshop in this industry, so we can cater to the dynamic market demands each moment.
  4. Considerate service team: Depending on the constant efforts for many years, we have organized a elite team and they are responsible for maintenance, accessories, and technology, etc.

Chair Swing Ride Features – Beston

  1. Low cost maintenance: After buying the products, customers concerns the cost of maintaining product. As a professional chair swing ride supplier, we can offer you the superior quality product. We have introduced the advanced technology.
  2. Suitable for each person: The yoyo ride is very safe both for children and adults, so it has been welcomed by all people.
  3. Longer longevity: Beston has taken the profit of customers into consideration. For one thing, we have adopted the hot galvanized frame. For another thing, we have adopted the stainless steel serving for the suspended chains and chairs.
  4. Competitive price: Because we have our own factory, we can receive the order and deliver the products directly. There is no middleman between us, so there is no the additional cost.
  5. Custom specifications: Considering the different demands, Beston company can manufacture the products with corresponding specifications, including different colors, sizes, shapes and types, etc.

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The Famous Chair Swing Rides Manufacturer – Beston

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is famous for its good reputation for pursing the superior quality and the sincere service. After experiencing the industry for many years, we have understood the psychology of customers. Therefore, we can provide the chair swing ride for sale with standard specifications for our customers. The standard specifications not only reach the international standard, but also cater to the customers’ demands. Different from other amusement rides supplier, we can also produce the chair swing ride series for children. So in order to design a kind of the product for kids, our experienced designers have focused on manufacturing the products with different types and colors. For example, we use the spay gun to make the shapes hand painted. So far, there has been the fruit theme rides for children. After all, in common, people pay more attention to the interest of kids. Beston believes that the introduction of chair swing ride for kids can bring the high profit.

Chair swing ride manufacturer-Beston
Chair Swing Ride Manufacturer